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Yokohama Commonwealth War Cemetery, Hodogaya

The Yokohama Commonwealth War Cemetery is situated about 5 kilometers west of central Yokohama and about 30 kilometers from the centre of Tokyo. It was built in 1945 and is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on behalf of the governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Pakistan.

It is the only such cemetery in Japan, and contains the graves of Commonwealth servicemen and women who died in Japan as POWs during World War II or who died of illness or accident while serving with the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in the period 1946-1948.

The cemetery comprises four main sections; the United Kingdom section, the Australian section, the Canadian and New Zealand section and the Indian Forces 1939-45 section. There is also a post-war section. A Cross of Sacrifice stands in each of the first three sections. Instead of a cross, a specifically designed monument in the form of a pylon dominates plot in the fourth section. In the north wall of this section is also the Yokohama Memorial commemorating those who died while serving with the occupation forces in Japan and for whom no burial or cremation information exists.

Each year ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day commemoration services are held at Hodogaya.

The Japanese name for the cemetery is the Eirenpo Senshisha Bochi.


Address: 238 Kariba-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Phone: 045-731-4208
Open: 8am to 5pm, 365 days a year
Admission: free
See the attached "Hodogaya Map" file to see a map of the cemetery.
Click here to see the location of the cemetery on Google Maps (Japanese only).


From Tokyo to Nagata (see the attached "Map 1" file)

The most direct route:
Follow Route 1 towards Yokohama. Halfway down it becomes K1. Shortly thereafter, turn off onto K5, cross the Bay Bridge and then onto K3. Follow this road to the Nagata Exit, refer to Map 2 for final directions.

The more scenic Bay Shore Route:
Following the signs for the bay shore route, take route 11 from Tokyo over the Rainbow Bridge, past Haneda Airport, over the Tsurumi-tsubasa and Bay Bridges. Turn onto K3. Once you arrive at the Nagata Exit, refer to Map 2 for the final leg of the trip.

From Nagata to the Hodogaya Cemetery (See the attached "Map 2" file)

  1. Turn left at the junction at the bottom of the Nagata exit ramp. Follow this road for three blocks, until you reach the first set of traffic lights. A very small police box is at this intersection.
  2. Turn right and continue along this narrow road for about 2 km.
  3. You will pass a Shell Service Station after about half a kilometre, shortly thereafter the road veers to your left. Keep going!
  4. When you reach the Idemitsu Service Station, turn right. This even narrower road will take you up a twisty path to the top of the hill.
  5. Just after you crest the hill (and the road straightens out again), you should see a police man directing the traffic into the cemetery (a sharp left, down a very steep driveway). Go slowly!


Catch a bus headed for Heiwadai from Kannai (JR), Idogaya (Keikyu), or Maita (Yokohama Municipal Subway) stations to Jido Yuenchi Iriguchi mae (児童遊園地前). The cemetery is approximately 3 minutes walk from the bus stop.

Alternatively, catch a bus bound for Yokohama Eki Nishi-guchi, Suidobashi or Hodogaya from the east exit of JR Totsuka station, and get off at Jido Yuenchi Iriguchi (児童遊園地入口). The cemetery is approximately 8 minutes walk from the bus stop.

From Yokohama Station, go to bus stop #11 at the Sogo Bus terminal and take bus #77 to Jido Yuenchi Iriguchi (児童遊園地入口). The journey takes approximately 26 minutes. On the return journey to Yokohama Station, get off at Yokohama Eki Nishi-guchi.


From JR Hodogaya Station, the journey should take less than 10 minutes and cost approximately 1,000 yen.

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